Apply to be a Monster Maker


Do you make weird art? Creepy jewelry? Unsettling illustrations? Monster stickers? Potty humor keychains? Creature magnets? Possessed pizza plushies? Science fiction enamel pins? Angry feminist baked goods? Stoner cookbooks? Unicorn scarves? Bloody porcelain baby hand necklaces? Heavy metal hairpins? Subversive zines? We wanna see your stuff! Hot themes are to your right, & examples of past items below.


Late applications are being considered!


applications CLOSED ON JULY 31st— HOWEVER,
late applications will be considered!

Work must be original works—i.e. original pieces, designs, or ideas, although fan-art and works containing pop culture references will be considered. Makers will be responsible for furnishing purchase-ready items by the provided deadlines. Space is limited! Check the submission guide below for help and FAQs.

*Did you get a personal invitation? You can skip the application!


Monster Market Submission Guide

themes & concepts

Monster Market’s inventory is carefully curated, with items chosen specifically for their craftsmanship, quality, and thematic value. This is a themed pop-up retail store catering to the weirdos of the Mid-South. We are specifically looking for items relating to death, oddities, science-fiction, fantasy, heavy metal, critters, creatures, monsters, alternative religion, activism, inclusivity, body positivity, weed culture, pizza worship, magic, mysticism, horror, pop culture, and the dark side of the South. Both one-of-a-kind and produced works will be considered. All submissions must be original—no resellers, plagiarists or phonies allowed!


Shop Cut

It’s totally free to participate in Monster Market if selected. Monster Market takes a flat 35% commission on all sales. If you don’t sell anything, you don’t lose anything! I think that’s only fair.

Physical requirements

Size Limitations
36” maximum — special submissions may be considered

Wall Art Requirements
Wall art pieces must be ready-to-hang. if your piece requires more than a nail, please include the mounting pieces or appropriate hardware to hang it!

Art Print Packaging Requirements
Art prints, posters, digital prints, screen printed pieces, and originals on paper must be packaged in a protective plastic sleeve with a sturdy backing board.
This ensures they get from artist > storage > shop floor > consumer > new home unblemished, and gives us a surface to apply a price tag.

general Pricing Guide

General Pricing Guidelines
This infographic illustrates some basic pricing guidelines, based on sales at Monster Market 2017-2018. The best-selling items are typically between $1-50, whereas items priced at higher than $200 don’t sell very quickly. These are guidelines—not rules! Price your work appropriately for the time, energy, & money you’ve invested to create it, and remember to mark up if necessary to cover the shop’s 35% commission.


Pricing Guide by Item

I compiled this list based on pricepoints in the shop over the past two years. This is meant to be referenced as a general guide, not as rules. Price however you want!


Small Stuff
stickers & sticker packs: $2—$15
• patches: $5—$10
• enamel pins: $8—$15 (produced)
• buttons: $1–$3
• handmade pins/badges: $10–$25 (one of a kind)
• keychains: $2—5 (produced) | $10–$25 (specialty/one of a kind)
• magnets: $2—5 (produced) | $5—20 (specialty)

Apparel (screenprinted vs. hand printed)
• t-shirts: $10—$25
• hoodies: $20—$40
• totebags: $10—$25

small digital prints or cards: $1—$5 | framed: $5—$15
• small fine art prints/medium digital prints: $10—$15 | framed: $15—$30
• medium fine art prints/large digital prints: $15—$30 | framed: $25—$50
• large fine art prints: $25—$60 | framed: $50—$100

assemblage jewelry pieces: $5—$50
• metalsmithed & bone jewelry: $10—$70
• ceramic jewelry pieces: $20—$70

One of a Kind Wall Art
small assemblage pieces or small bone art: $10—$50
• small taxidermy or medium bone art pieces: $20—$50
• medium-large taxidermy or large bone art piece: $35—$75
• one of kind wall sculpture: $20—$200 (dependent on medium/size)

small original paintings: $25—$100
• medium original paintings: $50—$200
wall space is often limited, so largescale work may not make the cut, but please submit anything you think will fit the shop aesthetic.


Quantity Guidelines

This list is meant to be referenced as a general guide, not as rules. Bring as much as you’re comfortable being without for 6 weeks.

Small Stuff
stickers: 25-100
patches, enamel pins, keychains, magnets, buttons: 25-50
handmade pins: Any

t-shirts: 25-50 per design
hoodies, totebags: 10-50

Prints + Paper
prints, cards: 10-50
zines, books: 10-25

One of a Kind Wall Art
small assemblage pieces or small bone art: 1-20
small taxidermy or medium bone art pieces: 1-10
medium-large taxidermy or large bone art piece: 1-5
one of kind wall sculptures: 1-20 depending on size

moderately priced jewelry: 5-25
artisan jewelry pieces: 5-10

small original paintings: 1-20
medium original paintings: 1-10
large original paintings: 1-3 max

Invited & Returning Makers


If you got an invitation to participate or return, skip the application process above. You’ll receive a password soon to visit the Maker Portal.