Monster Market is seeking a home for 2019!

The Monster Market team is officially on the hunt for a 2019 venue! Monster Market is a one-month pop-up, open from October 1-31. Setup can take 1-2 weeks depending on how raw the space is, so we are looking to have access to the space beginning between September 13th — 21st. Breakdown typically takes one week, so we can return the space back to its original state by November 11th, 2019.

Many of Monster Market’s customers are destination customers rather than the product of location-based foot traffic. Our 2018 pop-up garnered nearly 1,000 unique visitors in just 27 days open, with 500+ unique transactions made. Monster Market is a great tenant to have if you’re looking to bring attention to an unoccupied retail space available for lease. We are happy to advertise your space’s availability throughout the month.

what we’re looking for:

• 200-500 square feet of independent space
• in downtown, midtown, or crosstown Memphis
• available September 21 — November 11, 2019
• with electricity, water, bathroom or bathroom access
• street-facing or storefront space a plus!

2017 monster market
88 n. main street


2018 monster market
crosstown concourse


2019 monster market
your place?

can you help us?

Do you own or manage a space that meets some or all of the requirements above?
Will it be available for lease from September 21—November 11, 2019?
Are you interested in drawing some attention to it by leasing to a unique local event?
Please get in touch with us! We would love to talk to you!

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